St. Joseph’s Food Bank is proud to take part in Food Banks Canada’s #AftertheBellProgram. This vital initiative provides nutritious, kid-friendly food packs to children experiencing food insecurity across the country, particularly during the summer months when school meal programs aren’t available. These packs come to us carefully assembled with shelf stable staples like hummus, milk, crackers, oatmeal, and sunflower seeds We were able to supplement with that the kids love to eat! This summer, we will be distributing Food Banks Canada After the Bell packs and give kids the chance to make the most of their summer break. To learn more please visit


About After the Bell

Food Banks Canada’s goal is to deliver 175,000 healthy food packs to children in need this summer to over 190 communities
Summer is supposed to be a time when kids learn to dive at the community pool or soar to the sky on the swings at the local playground. But that’s really hard to do when you’re hungry. Thanks to Food Banks Canada and the generous After the Bell partners, we are helping change that!

In 2021, After the Bell delivered 150,000 healthy food packs to food banks across Canada with a focus on reaching communities of greatest need.

What’s in a pack?

Each healthy food pack contains child friendly, nutritious foods. The packs are assembled with shelf stable items such as hummus, crackers, granola bars, oatmeal, milk and sunflower seeds. The packs are then sent to the local food bank who uses grant money to supplement the food packs with perishable items such as apples, sugar snap peas, cheese, and yogurt.
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