Thank You to Our Suppliers!

St Joseph’s Food Bank would like to take this opportunity to thank Randy Krantz from FreshCo Mission! One of our many suppliers who continues to support and supply the high demand of food necessary to help feed our community. Thank you Randy and the staff of FreshCo for all that you do. Many blessings to you all.

Big thanks to our local Real Canadian Superstore Mission!! Manager Ken Bye and staff have given St Joseph’s continued support in providing perishables and non perishables to help keep our store front full. Thank you Ken and all your staff, for keeping our communities working together. We appreciate you!!

A expression of gratitude to HelloFresh and Chelsey Hogness from the District of Mission who in conjunction support and supply St Joseph’s Food Bank with amazing food kits that help our clients prepare healthy and complete meals. Big thank you to Chelsey for picking up and thank you to HelloFresh for the support.