2023 has been a tough year. For many, that may be an understatement.

All of us have been impacted by the skyrocketing costs of living and food, especially those who are already struggling with food insecurity in our community. In times like these, I’m in awe of the extraordinary work that countless supporters have put into helping us tackle food insecurity in Mission. We thank everyone involved who is committed to providing healthy food to those who need that extra bit of help during these challenging times.

The expensive cost of living has become the primary reason our clients seek support for our services. This past year we have registered countless new food bank clients.

It’s hard for us to keep up!  Because of this, your support is even more critical now.

According to the annual Hunger Count report created by Food Banks Canada, in March 2023, there were nearly 1.5 million visits to food banks in Canada. Additionally, the number of visits to food banks in British Columbia is increasing even more than the national average.  BC stats?

We distributed nearly 900,000 pounds of food last year and cannot continue to do that without your support and generosity. Creating a Virtual Food Drive allows you to rally your colleagues, friends and family in meaningful, collective action that helps put food into the hands of people in need immediately. Register your Virtual Food Drive today!

St. Joseph’s Food Bank support staff are always available to help you in every step of your fundraising efforts.

What’s the difference between a Virtual Food Drive vs. a donation form?

  • A Virtual Food Drive is much more than a place for someone to donate to a particular food bank. It is a platform that allows supporters to raise funds for their chosen food bank.
  • In that way the reach is so much greater than that of the food bank directly. Everyone who creates a page to support their food bank can reach dozens or even hundreds of other individuals. Most of whom are not yet connected to the food bank themselves.
  • Donors are motivated to give because of the personal relationship with the person asking for support. 1 in 4 people who are asked in this way do make a gift.  That is a very high response.
  • The illustration below shows the power and reach of peer-to-peer vs just asking for donations, the green indicating donors. 6 people will make a donation or, if they become fundraisers on the platform, they attract (at an absolute minimum, as an example) 36 donors.