Refugees from the Congo

St Joseph’s Food Bank is involved providing food for 14 Refugees from the Congo.

The parish together with a group of churches and individuals through MCC are sponsoring a group of 14 Refugees from the Congo arriving soon. We will also be helping Syrian Refugees coming in to Mission through MCC once this group is settled.

Message from Abe Neufeld:

Hi all

Yesterday I was privileged to travel (in a 3 ton cab over leased truck) with Jack Ethier a member and leader from St Joseph’s Church (& close brother in Christ) to pick up four pallets of food in Surrey.  Each pallet had 36 banana boxes full of a variety of grocery items.  All of these items had passed the best-before date. The warehouse where we picked up these items is a non profit that receives these groceries from stores across BC and then packages them for all of the food banks in the Lower Mainland.

We then crossed the Golden Ears Bridge on our way to a Port Coquitlam location to pick up boxes of a variety of cold cut meats that had exceeded the best-before date.

We delivered and unloaded them at St Joseph’s.  Jack also drops by Mission Grocery Stories on a regular basis to pick up foods that have passed the best-before dates. They recently received $8,000 canned salmon tins, for distribution.

St Joseph’s has a massive amount of food available for distribution.  Families in need can come and shop one day each month and pick up $250.00 in groceries.

Jack assured me that when our Refugee Families arrive they St Joseph’s  are prepared to initially stock up their kitchens with groceries and then invite them back on a monthly basis to assist them.

What a huge blessing this food bank is for needy families and singles in Mission.

Proud to be a member of our great community.

Abe Neufeld

– – –

If you can help the refugees coming to Mission from the Congo or Syria with donations of furniture, moving or storage of furniture please contact:

Lesley Drown:  Or Abe Neufeld: